Hidden in concrete jungle, Hair Culture Salon Flagship Store is a top hair salon without a notable fascia but full of aesthetics and fashion trends. Located at the high quality Da-an business area, Hair Culture masters the latest trends and senses the highest fashion. Hair Culture adds more diverse energy to the industry with its sophisticated and outstanding profession. It provides customers with the most complete and perfect service and establishes phenomenal concept about hair.


The word ~Hair Culture~ explains that hairstyles are not merely hairstyles. It combines various cultures and develops into a creation. From living aesthetics, fashion design, to interior space, furniture and decoration, Hair Culture will have more cultural elements in the future no matter they are artistic, casual, fun or eccentric. Hair Culture hopes to create a bigger-than-life salon, which will represent a performance of culture, an extension of a road and own its unique social status.

  1. 1. Comfortable and fashionable hardware and space.
  2. 2. Top team of hairstylists in Taiwan with the most professional technique. These hairstylists are stylists for stars and celebrities, members of major hair show, designated members of fashion shows of international boutique brands and also winners in international (world-class) hair competitions.
  3. 3. Elaborate and considerate top service.
  4. 4. A combination of fashion and trends. HC creates artistic hairstyles that satisfy customers need and grants com prehensive beauty to customers. HC helps customers find their deeper selves and confidently, gorgeously walk out the salon.

一個隱身在水泥叢林裡,沒有明顯招牌卻充滿著美學與流行時尚的頂極髮型沙龍~~在質感路線取勝的台北大安商圈內掌握當季的最新流行與敏銳的時尚感官,Hair Culture 旗艦店以精緻與超卓的專業優勢,注入多元化的美髮生命力, 提供給顧客至善至美的服務與專業,打造出關於髮絲的絕美概念。


Hair Culture 意味著,髮型不僅僅只是髮型,它更是一個集合眾多文化、而發展衍生出的創造~無論生活美學、服裝設計、室內空間、家居擺設……藝術的、休閒的、趣味的、搞怪的,未來的 Hair Culture 將加入更多、面向更廣的文化產業--就是希望能夠創造出一間\"不僅只是美髮沙龍\"的 Hair Culture;它將代表的,是一種文化的展演,是一條道路的延伸,更擁有它獨特的社會地位!

  1. 1. 舒適時尚的硬體空間。
  2. 2. 全台頂尖的設計師團隊,專業技術卓越 -- 明星御用設計師、各大髮型主秀的創意團隊、國際精品品牌發表秀的指定 髮型團隊、國內及國際(世界級)髮藝大賽的常勝軍。
  3. 3. 精緻貼心的頂級服務。
  4. 4. 融合時尚趨勢與潮流,打造出既能夠滿足顧客在生活上的日常需求、更充滿藝術美感的各式髮型,讓顧客得到全方位 的美更找到最深刻的自己,充滿自信與美地走出Hair Culture。